If You Say So

We've all had those days where nothing seems to work. You wake up bloated, dehydrated, and lethargic. Your hair is just wrong and those pants are too snug. It's overcast and windy. Unrelated elements morph to support your wackadoo worldview and suddenly the most innocuous of stimuli sends you reeling down Shit Street to Nothing is Good land.  

I see a flawless Instagram feed. A marble slab flat shot of a pristine Mac, pale pink peonies and a purse spill. 4576 Likes. Between Bleeker Street style shots and her white saucer cappuccino with a heart drawn in froth, this #girlboss blogs in an international shared space, blissful in a flow of monetized content creation. She lives a perfect digital life because I’ve just assigned her one.

Much of my 2015 was spent in meditation. My brain can't bend spoons but it has nearly grasped the notion of perception deception: Perception is an illusion but perception is reality, therefore reality is an illusion and nothing is real.  

It’s very easy to go down a rabbit hole with this concept. But I am learning it’s just as easy not to go anywhere with it at all.  Today I chose to drink some water and write the script. I am happy. Because why the eff not? 

Happy is as happy does

Happy is as happy does

Outfit details: GAP Happy sweater (2015); GAP sparkle t-shirt (2015); Susan Monoco black skirt (2015); DKNY tights (2014); J.Crew ballet flats (2015); Guess furry vest (2012); Neiman Marcus hat (2015)